Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Bwah ha ha ! I FINALLY got into eka pada koudinyasana! After 2 years of sitting like a fool with my shoulder hooked under my knee and being told to just let my leg lift. Um how? My legs feel like cement.

This was me. For a long time. 
Then, while doing a class on yogaglo (which I cannot recommend too highly) with Tara Judelle (who, up until this point was NOT my favorite teacher, mostly for silly reasons, like her high rising terminal and humblebrags about teaching in Bali). But she showed how a swiveling the hip of the front leg open makes your front foot...magically lift off the floor.

So that move got me to this:
Which is pretty good. I guess. But I knew what I wanted and I wasn't about to back down now, when so much was at stake.

So I bent my arms. No dice. That back leg is HEAVY! WTF? All that running and biking and i don't have the hammies to raise that back leg?? Whenever you feel like a yoga pose is impossible, flex your abs (ahem, in yoga-speak: "engage your core) and shift your balance. I leaned forward. Voila!

Yeah, obviously I don't look like that. Soon I'll have the nerve to post a picture of myself. But until then, trust me, mine looked almost exactly like this. In my head. 

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