Friday, March 1, 2013

Chakra Kahn!

So, back by popular demand, I'm reposting my popular Chakra series. Let's do it!

Besides doshas, which I discussed earlier, part of the ayurvedic/yogic tradition also address the bodies little mills of energy, or chakras. The chakras are linearly located along the spine, and are considered centers of energy flow, or prana, and also places of potential blockage. Theorectically, yoga works by opening these channels, thus allowing for prana to flow, bringing balance and therefore good health to the body. You'll probably notice the similarity this has to the Qi Gong and Chinese theories re: chi or qi.

The chakras are as follows, in order, from bottom to top:

1) Root (muladhara)

2) Pelvis (swadhisthana)

3) Navel (manipura)

4) Heart (anahata)

5) Throat (vishuddha)

6) Third eye (ajna)

7) Crown (sahasrara)

So get ready, we'll talk about each chakra in turn.

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